These forms are helpful for people starting Couples Counseling with our team.

The current telehealth consent form for any meetings by video or phone.  Consent Form

How to get there for on campus meetings? Campus Map

This campus map may be helpful to print.  Our offices are in the Classroom Building, Suite 166, Psychological Services Center.  There are "PSC Client" and "guest" parking spots in our parking lot, although typically parking anywhere in the parking lot at our building is not a problem. 

If you enter by the left side entrance where the wheelchair ramp is you will find the Suite 166 inside on your right.  If you enter by the middle entrance to the building you will turn left in the hallway and follow it to Suite 166.

How to get there online? with some instructions on how to use this system here:  Note that we do not "staff" this room except during appointments.

 Is this a referral?  Referral form  (optional)

If you are referred by a pastor or religious leader, this form does provide a discount for counseling.

What to do before you come? 

1.  Discuss your schedule- when will you be able to come in for meetings?

2.  Consider your commitment to the process- how much are you willing to do to grow, improve and heal your relationship?

3.  Consider what you believe the main problem in the relationship is for you.  While both partners may not agree on the main problem, the more you can agree on the nature of the problem the more quickly things will move in couples counseling.