Pastoral Certificate in Hope Focused Counseling

The Pastoral Care Certificate in Hope Focused Counseling distinguishes you as certified as fully trained in the Hope Focused Approach to couples counseling.  You receive the training you want to improve your pastoral care and receive a certificate to demonstrate your training.

To qualify, a minister/pastor must

Total cost for pastoral certificate is $99.00 and includes a pdf file copy of the Hope treatment manual, access to all video training, tests, and a copy of the evaluation rubric used for evaluation of your report and clinical tape by Dr Ripley or her delegate.  After passing evaluation, a framable certificate will be mailed to you.


Pastoral Certificate Registration Instructions

 1.  Inform Dr. Ripley of your intent to pursue the certificate in the Hope approach by email: 

2.  Send the following to the MMATE Center:

  • A copy of your ordination papers, license for ministry, or diploma from a divinity school or school of theology. Schools must be accredited.
  • A description of basic counseling training you have received. This certificate is not designed for lay-leaders or ministers without basic education in general counseling. 
  • Your contact information:  Name, address, city, zip code, phone number and email address.
  • A $99.00 check made out to Ripley Consulting.

3. The certificate information and materials you need will be mailed to you within 2-4 weeks.