Thank you for your interest

Thank you for your interest in the Hope-focused Couple Lab at Regent University.

Our clinic may not be a match for your personal needs as a couple

There are some kinds of couple situations or issues that our team is not trained to assist and our approach to couple therapy don't address well. 

What we are not trained to do

As a Couple lab we are not trained to provide couple counseling to couples with recent infidelity.  That is a special situation that requires specific action steps and individual sessions to help couples through the first months and year after an infidelity has taken place or been discovered.  

We also are not trained to provide couple counseling to couples who are not living together, engaged or married.  That is also a special situation that will require some individual sessions along with couples and we do not have that training.

We only want to provide excellent care to couples who can benefit from what we have to offer.

If you believe you have received this message incorrectly, please email us at and we will discuss your specific needs as a couple and whether we have the training to assist you.

If Individual counseling might be helpful for your situation please call our front desk at the Psychological Services Center at 757-352-4488 and request an intake for individual counseling to address relationship issues.    These situations often improve best from some individual counseling first.

If you would like couple counseling from a center that is likely to be able to address these issues please contact:

Watermark Psychological:

The Marriage Center:

Gottman trained Counselors referral network:

Emotion Focused Counselors referral network:


Thank you