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Our Recipe for Successful Relationships 

These worksheets are couples worksheets often used for couples enrichment or counseling:

Couple in Love

The Blessing

How to show gratitude and bless your marriage


Couple's Covenant

A chance to think about why you are married to each other

Pregnant Woman and Partner

Blessings & Qualities

A look at the positive in your relationship

Support Group

Communication Skills

Simple skills to effective communication

Dancing Salsa

TANGO Floor Cards

A method for communication to put on the floor to practice the TANGO communication skill

Ballroom Dancing Couple

Digital TANGO Card

All-in-one online card!

Couple Hugging

CLEAVE for Closeness

 A way to discuss various aspects of closeness and intimacy in your relationship

Holding Hands


 Improving relationship intimacy



Repairing your relationship

Lovers Hug


How to communicate about emotional needs

Happy Couple


Writing down your past offenses

Image by Gemma Chua-Tran


A Sensate Focus intervention for couples

Happy Couple


How do you rate intimacy in your relationship?

Image by Gus Moretta

REACH for Forgiveness 


Examine the elements of forgiveness 

Loving Couple

Time Out 


Rules for pausing a conversation with your partner

Young Couple at Home


Discussing healthy boundaries in your conversations

Couple Hugging


Busting bad habits in your relationship

Happy Couple


How to validate each other

Couple in Bed


A way to identify and communicate intimacy needs

Loving Couple

Spiritual Intimacy for Pre-marital Couples

Here are some tips for intimacy 

Holding Hands

Effective Time Outs &
Time Out Contract

How to make your time-outs more effective for your relationship

Couple Meditating


Find out what assumptions you each make in your relationship

A Date in the Forest


Understand your love languages

Curtain Hug


5 Common Causes of Commitment Drift

Eating Cupcakes


Infusing fun into the relationship

Couple on Date

Sensate Focus

Use this informational worksheet to work on your intimate relationship. 

Image by Patrick Fore

Home Prayer Journal 


Use this daily journal to pray about your relationship

Happy Family

Hope for Parenting Workbook


Improve your bond, communication, and forgiveness with your children, too!