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hope couples project

HOPE Couples Project 

About all you should need to operate in the Hope Project at Regent University

1.  New Case Info

The 2024 New File Document 

(includes screening, intake and all file tracking;

when it asks for a password online hit cancel, then download the file,

enter the password when you open the file in Word)

Zoom & Charis Office Room reservations 

(keys in PSC or use code for Hope office door)

2.  Clinical Resources


Follow PSC general procedures for intakes & use Hope book

Advanced Clinicians checklist since not in PSC

Panopto recording link

Scoring up the Questionnaires

Couple Clinic Assessment Key (2024)

Assessments Scoring Excel document

The infidelity intake questions & risk assessment

Domestic Violence Screening Tool


Feedback Reports

Intake Feedback Template (please use screening template sent to you by screener)

Infidelity Intake Feedback Template (replace standard with this one when relevant)


How to do Titanium Notes and T2T documentation


Treatment Monitoring

Treatment Monitoring Template (links below in email template; when link click cancel on password and download file)

Treatment Monitoring Excel with Graphic


Termination/Post Counseling Questionnaires

Termination Instructions are in the New File Document

(email to early drop out or at termination is located in the emails document)

Link to youtube video with Dr Jen on termination procedures

Link for counselors to review post-counseling questionnaires

Link for couples to link to six month follow up questionnaires

Link for counselors to review six month follow up questionnaires

Link to the summer screening (used May - August)



Google Drive: Extra/ special assessments and screenings not normally used

Have you checked the Clinical Strategy Papers for special population issues?

Issues with clinical work:  Contact your group supervisor


3.  Communicating with clients

Clinicians can use your Regent email if you follow PSC rules

The email templates for intakes, reminders, cancels, no shows, and SM links etc

(when asks for password, click cancel, and download file)



4.  Team Info

Email and Phone Contact list of team

Supervision Note Template

Hope Supervisors Manual (includes links and PW to various accounts)


5.  Training info

Dr Jen's Webinar on Online couple therapy savvy (required)

Hope Focused Couple Therapy text

Spiritually Integrated Couple Therapy webinars- Ripley & Worthington

Key Articles on Hope approach and Couple Therapy 

Protocol information for Cohabiting Couples

Protocol information for Stepcouples

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