About all you should need to operate in the Hope Project at Regent University

Weekly tracking report to admin

1.  Screenings

(key in PSC or use code for Hope office door)
Issues with screening:  contact Elizabeth Loewer or Dr Jen

2.  Clinical Resources

Follow PSC general procedures for intakes
Standard Intake questions (see screening template above on pages 2-3 & the Hope book chapter)

Scoring up the Questionnaires

Feedback Reports
Intake Feedback Template (please use screening template sent to you by screener)
Infidelity Intake Feedback Template (replace standard with this one when relevant)

Treatment Monitoring
Treatment Monitoring Template (links below in email template)

Termination/Post Counseling Questionnaires
Don't forget your weekly tracking report for admin team

Issues with clinical work:  Contact your group supervisor

3.  Communicating with clients

Clinicians can use your Regent email if you have the disclaimer

4.  Team Info

Email and Phone Contact list of team

5.  Training info