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Earn your Certificate

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A certificate in the Hope Approach is a sign of having demonstrated expertise in the Hope Approach to couples counseling. 

The certificate is a self-paced competency training opportunity to learn from Dr. Worthington and Dr. Ripley with her team of Hope focused counselors.  

Steps to Obtain a Hope Focused Certificate

The Certificate in Hope-Focused Counseling distinguishes you as fully trained in the Hope Focused Approach to couples counseling. 

To qualify, a couples counselor must:

  1. Read the book "Couple Therapy: A New Hope-Focused Approach" by Ripley and Worthington (order online or at your local bookstore).

  2. Watch the accompanying video training with lectures and demonstrations of Hope couples counseling  (approximately 4 hours, in short chunks of time)

  3. Pass the Hope certification test, both multiple-choice and open-ended essay questions, with a 90% pass rate.  The tests are open-book and can be repeated.

  4. Create a demonstration audio or video recording using the Hope approach with a role play couple (60-90 minutes) either conducting a Hope intake or a Hope-focused intervention.

  5. Submit a Hope focused case (or fictional) intake report

Steps to a Hope Certificate


Learning is its own reward

The cost of all materials, and individual review of your materials from the Hope advanced team with Dr. Ripley varies by your profession.  We will send you a framable certificate, either digital or paper, as well as a digital image you can use to show you are a certified Hope-focused couple counselor

Student/ Resident

The cost is $99

Pastoral Care Provider

The cost is $129

Mental Health Professional

The cost is $149

* These certificates demonstrate completion of the course of study. It is not a professional license, is not recognized by any state, and does not guarantee that the recipient is able to independently practice couples counseling. The certificate is supervised and certified by Dr. Ripley and the Charis Institute Staff.  It is not for credit at Regent University. It is intended as a demonstration of adjunctive training specific to the Hope approach beyond general graduate training in a mental health discipline or pastoral care.
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