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The Hope Couples Workbook

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This page has links to all resources by themes.  Our team of therapists finds that we often use these interventions with the couples that we serve.  So we have consolidated all our blog posts, worksheets, and videos into one place for you!  We hope this helps you dive deep into the area of relationship improvement you are working on each week.

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The Hope Approach to Couple Counseling and Enrichment was designed by Dr. Worthington and Dr. Ripley.  We answer the question- What is Hope?  Is it right for us?

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Cooling Down & Confidence

If relationships have been caught in a negative cycle, then slowing down, cooling, and reflecting are often the next steps of Hope Approach.  Couple therapy is very limited until you feel you can confidently be yourself, share your needs, and respond to each other well.


Understand Needs & Patterns

Most couples improve by spending some time reflecting together on their relationship needs, and what patterns from past relationships they are caught in today.

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Communication & Conflict

How to communicate more effectively with each other, and handle conflict like a pro.


Bond & Intimacy

The intimacy that you share as a couple is extremely important to nurture and take care of.  This section of the workbook helps you intentionally build your bond.

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Repair & Forgive

Relationships will experience pain and offenses in the future.  Learning how to effectively repair and forgive is the key!


Finish Well

Finish your couple counseling or enrichment with a flair.  This shares resources for you!

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Happy Family

Parenting Resources

If you are parenting while doing the Hope Counseling or Enrichment, you might find these resources helpful to create a Hope-focused family together!

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