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Hope Video Training Series

Video Training Series 

For Hope Clinicians

Video Training in the Hope Focused Approach



Everett L. Worthington, Jr. and Jennifer S. Ripley


Dr. Worthington and Dr. Ripley created a training video series for those desiring expertise in the Hope Focused Approach to Couples Counseling.  These videos were created by the Center for Teaching and Learning at Regent University.  They include lecture material from Dr. Worthington on his approach and clinical demonstrations with actor-couples by Dr. Worthington and Dr. Ripley. These training videos are available online at no cost, are copyrighted and can be used for training purposes at no cost.  No charges or costs should be levied for viewing these videos.


The videos below are used for training in the HFCA towards a certificate in Hope Approach.  There are fifteen videos used for Hope Certificate or Basic training.  The second set of videos (video number 16+) are supplementary for learning sake.

If you prefer to go straight to youtube playlists for these, they can be found at:

Hope focused Certificate playlist (this playlist is the ones you watch if you are seeking a certificate)


Additional Demonstrations of Couple Counseling playlist.  (optional additional videos)


Hope Focused Certificate Videos

Hope Focused Certificate Videos

Hope Focused Certificate Videos