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Clinical Strategy Papers

Clinical Strategy Papers

Clinical Strategy Papers

10 Minutes to a More Effective Session. Got a problem with your couple?  Got 10 minutes?  There's a clinical strategy paper to help you address issues to be the best Hope couples counselor you can be!

Assessment and Beginning Treatment Issues


Religious / Spiritual Assessment

Individual Assessment for Couples Treatment

Assessment of Domestic Violence

Length and Pacing of Treatment

The Reluctant Spouse

Assessing Couples with Combat Exposure Scale Scores


Religious Issues


Couples with Religious or Spiritual Conflicts

Religious / Spiritual Assessment

Prayer in Couples Counseling

African American Spirituality 


Diversity Issues 


Cultural Diversity Issues


African American Spirituality


Issues of Sexuality


Childhood Sexual Abuse

Pornography and Internet Sexuality

Sexual Problems

Sexual Concerns with Older Couples

Treating Couples with Hyperactive Sexuality or Sexual Addiction


Special Couple Populations


Military Couples

Remarried or Re-partnered Couples


Cohabiting Couples

Dual Career Couples

Pre-marital Couples

Infertility and Complicated Grief

Transition to Parenthood

Parents with Young Children


Individual Clinical Problems


Substance Abuse

Couples with Low Empathy

Couples with Personality Disorders

Working with Couples who have Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

Getting to Yes: First Chapter of Conflict Resolution Concepts

High Conflict Couples

High Conflict Couples Contract

Worksheet for Resolving Conflictual Patterns

Time out Intervention for Couples to manage high conflict


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