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Relationship Health Check

What is a Relationship Health Check?


You go to the doctor, dentist for a check up. You have a pest control person inspect your home.  All of these are to protect things you value as precious and important in your life.  What about your relationship?  Research shows a relationship health check can improve your relationship!


What's in the questionnaire?

You will complete questions about satisfaction, your partner's best qualities, forgiveness, commitment, communication, conflict, trust, and various other aspects of your relationship.  Takes about 20 minutes.  We have a positive psychology framework- which means we are especially looking for areas of strength you can build on in the future.


Who does the health check?

Professional relationship experts in the Hope Couple Clinic at Regent University conduct the health checks.  They are in doctoral training to become psychologists with training and supervision from Dr Ripley.  This is a personalized health check, not just spitting out a bunch of numbers like an online quiz.  Then you receive a personalized report with specific information on strengths and areas for growth in various aspects of your relationship.


OK- we like this.  How do we sign up?


1. Both of you need to complete the questionnaires.  

2. Then you will get to automatically schedule a live online meeting with one of our experts (don't worry- they are super-nice people, kinda fun to talk with).  

3. They will ask you some questions live about your relationship strengths and areas you see for growth.  

4.  Then they will write up a specific tailored report just for you.  You can either just receive this report and read it, or you can schedule a brief 20 minute meeting to go over the report together.


What if, after this, we think some counseling or coaching is what we need?

We can do that.  That's not our purpose in offering the relationship health check but you can sign up for that if you want to.  If you know you want couple counseling you can start that process with us here. 


The checkup is available wherever you might live but please note we can only offer counseling or coaching to people who reside in Virginia.


Is it really free?  How?

Completely.  We are funded by generous funding from various sources including the Hughes Endowed Chair fund, and Regent University.

What do we do next?

If you are interested in a relationship health check, please fill out the contact form below stating your interest in a relationship health check up or email us at and let us know of your interest. 

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