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Couples Feedback Report Templates

Couples Feedback Report Templates

These templates are combinations of couples that have been seen with the Hope Focused approach.  They are in Word for downloading and editing.  Some include specific treatment plans, which we encourage to be presented to couples as a tentative plan that can be altered to fit the changing needs of treatment.

  • Worthington template: Couple with conflict and low intimacy.

  • Pre-marital template: Essentially happy but looking to improve relationship skills. Highly religious couple report and treatment plan.

  • Tired parents template: Family with young children, overwhelmed, and low in motivation to work. This is a nonreligious couple report and treatment plan.

  • High conflict couple template: Couple with difficult past, considerable high conflict, poor skills, insecure attachment, and difficulty with emotional regulation. This is a nonreligious couple report and treatment plan. Note the longer treatment plan (20 sessions instead of the more typical 8-12).

  • New format with graphics:  A similar style of feedback but with more graphics and charts for couples.

  • Infidelity Intake Feedback Template: Feedback report for couples having experienced an infidelity. 

Couples Feedback Report Templates
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