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Workbook 1: Orientation to Hope

Dr. Ripley explains what Hope Focused Counseling is

Let's start at the beginning

You will find information to read, worksheets and other resources here in our digital workbook.  If your counselor has given you a personalized plan, follow that plan.  If you are exploring on your own we recommend

1.  Read the "What is Hope" post by Dr. Ripley

2.  Look over the "Are we Ready" post

3.  Read about "Thanks, Connect, Care, Prayer/Reflect"

and download the worksheet and try it at home

4.  Plan for a date night this week as a couple

5.  Engage in a couple worksheet (your counselor will give you ideas)

Orientation Worksheets

What you do at home is what matters

Here are all the worksheets your counselor may be advising for you as you begin the Hope Focused Approach

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